The thousand palm trees on the seafront promenade and on the rest of the territory, the lush and blooming gardens overlooking the sea show how mild the climate is. The sun, which never leaves this riviera, not even in winter, allows the temperature to be pleasant and temperate thus inducing our visitors to take long walks along the seafront and down the boulevard and to enjoy the sun, sitting at pavement cafés or lying on the beach, dreaming, lulled by the sound of the waves breaking on the shore, about the summer and the holidays. The climate is mild and warm thanks to closeness of the Maritime Alps. The fresh night breeze lowers the temperature and allows you to sleep perfectly well, without annoying mosquitoes (we haven’t got any!).


Hundreds and hundreds of palm trees, cluster pines, wide and lush gardens with beautiful flower-beds in bloom, lavender, rosemary and sage bushes dot and embellish the long, long seafront promenade which, being protected by a service road, is a safe place where mothers with prams can stroll and children can freely run around and play.